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New Pathways

Children and Young Person’s Counselling

Our highly qualified and experienced counsellor works with clients under the age of 18 using a range of therapies including talking, music, art and play therapies.

The counselling will help children and young people cope with difficulties in a number of areas. These include, but are not limited to:

¨ A recent incident or assault that has left them shocked or frightened

¨ Someone who may have harmed or hurt them in the past

¨ Anyone who may be hurting them now

¨ Self-confidence

¨ Problems with relationships

¨ Being bullied or being a bully

¨ Family problems

¨ Worrying about school/college work or exams

¨ Feeling alone and not understood

¨ Sexual issues

¨ Feeling angry and getting into trouble

¨ Someone they care about has died

¨ Harming themselves

¨ Generally feeling unhappy

¨ Taking drugs

¨ Wanting to run away

¨ Not liking the way they look

¨ Suicidal thoughts


If you would like more information please phone us on 01970 610124 or email enquiries@midwalesrsc.org.uk or download a Referral Form.

We also offer adult counselling services. For more information, click here.